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During a Reiki treatment, toxins stored in the body’s tissues are often released. While the release of stored toxins is a good thing and will ultimately promote increased healing in the body, the side-effects can be unpleasant. When the toxins are released from tissues, they re-enter the body’s systems and need to be flushed away. As the body works to remove these toxins, some malady-like symptoms can arise. Headaches, nausea, aches, or general tiredness are common after a toxin-releasing Reiki session.

After a WellnessWrx approved Reiki treatment, it’s essential to listen to your body’s cues. Be mindful of how best to assist your body’s healing process; take time for yourself and administer some conscious self-care. Here are five easy and practical self-care tips that can aid your body after a Reiki treatment.

Drink Plenty of WaterWater with lemon and cucumber

Help your body flush out toxins after a healing Reiki session simply and effortlessly: just drink a glass of water. Drinking water will help wash away the released build-up of toxins and remove them from the body. Experiencing thirst after a Reiki treatment is healthy, it’s your body letting you know it’s working hard to flush away unwanted toxins.

Go on a Nature Walk

If you experience a burst of energy or restlessness after your Reiki treatment, your body could be signaling that physical movement is needed to aid in its healing process. Choose gentle exercises, like walking. Walking doesn’t over-exert your body, and you get to feel that extra energy melt away. Post-Reiki treatment is an ideal time to dip yourself into nature and enjoy a refreshing walk.

Take a Nap

If your Reiki session has left you feeling tired and sleepy, then listen to your body. Go ahead and take a nap! Get the rest your body is requesting and allow it’s healing abilities to take charge during a restful post-treatment slumber.

Write in a Journal

person writing in a journalThoughts, feelings, and emotions can rise to the surface after a treatment session. The unlocking and release of built-up energy during a Reiki session can be experienced in many ways, including a rush of thoughts and feelings. Writing down those thoughts and experiences in a journal can help you sort through and let-go of unwanted energies.

Need help focusing your journal writing? Consider a session with a WellnessWrx approved life coach to help untangle and direct your writing.

Stretch Your Body

Gentle stretching is always a good way to rid the body of energy build-ups. After a Reiki session, stretching is beneficial because it can help remove stored energy that was unlocked during your treatment. 

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive wellness treatment that helps the body to heal itself on many levels. During a Reiki treatment, the body’s energy is re-calibrated and rebalanced, enabling the whole body to be treated. Through Reiki, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual modalities of the human system become re-aligned.

To book a Reiki treatment with a Reiki Master you can trust, choose one of the screened and approved Reiki providers found at WellnessWrx.


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