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We are pleased to introduce WellnessWrx provider and guest blogger, Karen Pitt.  Karen is a Registered Eating Psychology Health Coach and master of habit change. She helps clients connect the dots between the things they do every day to how they create their experiences. As the guide on the side, Karen supports clients to take back control of their health and achieve sustainable behaviour change through food, body and lifestyle, and discover the power within themselves to meet their goals and thrive. Book a free 20-minute consultation with Karen today! 

Tired of the ‘eat less, exercise more’ approach to losing weight?

Fortunately, counting calories is not the only option. The good news is you can change the nutritional value of any meal by changing HOW you eat.

Here are four game-changing tips that I highly recommend to ensure personal fitness and transform the way you look, as well as feel.

  • Slow down: Give Thanks, Notice the Look, Texture, Taste and Smell of Food

Eating too fast or in an emotional state puts us into fight or flight (the stress response) where digestion shuts down and our ability to burn calories decreases. In fact, our body can actually “miss” the meal. Until the body feels nourished, we will feel the urge to eat. The key to alert your body that you’re about to eat is to become a slow, relaxed eater.

Take Action:

  • Give thanks before eating to appreciate the people, processes, and resources that came together for you to have the meal.
  • Notice your food. Observe its look, smell, taste, texture and consistency.
  • Be Mindful of Your Thoughts. Thinking negative, anxious or self-critical thoughts about our food or ourselves while eating puts us into the stress response. A quick check-in with yourself to acknowledge and release disruptive thoughts keeps you present and relaxed

Rather than eating while watching TV, working, or reading, keep it simple – just eat and enjoy the experience. Eat mindfully!

  • Breathe: Take 5-10 Breaths Before Every Meal and Snack

Taking 5 – 10 breaths (a relaxed belly breath, not forced) before, during, or after eating is a simple and easy way to increase our oxygen intake. Adding more oxygen to our meals improves digestion and our ability to burn more calories. Breathing a little deeper than we normally do is the key. This is not a big showy breath that anyone else would notice. No one even has to know you’re doing it! With consistent practice, you’ll notice a difference in how you feel after eating within a week. You’ll be burning more calories every time!

3)   Chew Thoroughly: “Drink Your Solids and Chew Your Liquids”

People chew an average of 3 times before swallowing! Chewing food thoroughly reduces the amount of energy the body needs to digest and process it. Any energy saved can then be used for other functions – such as burning calories. Other reported benefits include reduced bloating or abdominal pain, and even small amounts of weight loss because you won’t need to eat as much food to feel satisfied. There is no magic number of chews. The consistency of what you’re eating, such as how dense or crunchy the food is, determines how much to chew each bite. I like to think of it as conscious chewing.

Take Action:

  • Take smaller bites
  • Chew until solid foods are more like a paste or as close to liquid as possible
  • Chew thicker drinks like smoothies so the enzymes in our saliva can start breaking it down before it reaches your stomach.

Have fun trying to be the one who chews the longest when eating with others or challenge yourself to increase your number of chews per bite knowing that, every time you do, you’ll burn more calories.

  • Get Moving: Move Your Body the Way it Naturally Loves to Move Every Day

Movement is another kind of food for your body. Movement and exercise increase our oxygen intake and keeps our muscles toned, which promotes more efficient digestion and calorie burning. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or run a marathon – unless that’s what you like to do. Simply moving the way your body naturally loves to move is the key.

Take Action:

  • Stand up and move at least once every hour –stretch, take a short walk, do jumping jacks, or even run on the spot
  • Complete one activity you enjoy daily – brainstorm and create a written list of your favourites
  • Exercising before breakfast can burn 260-280 more calories than at other times in the day according to researchers from a study published in EBioMedicine1

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself: If all types of movement burned the same amount of calories, what would you do? Then get moving! In no time you’ll be burning calories, toning your muscles and having fun too.

Studies report anywhere from 97-99% of people who lose weight on a weight loss diet gain it back and more within a year. The challenge? We are more than simple input/output calorie machines. Thankfully, HOW we eat, can increase our calorie-burning power to support our health and wellness goals.

We thank Karen for sharing her knowledge and expertise and as a guest blogger on WellnessWrx.

So, there you have it – the 4 amazing tips to burn calories faster.

In case you need professional help to transform yourself for the better, consider hiring a personal trainer and seeking nutritional counselling. It surely will be an investment in yourself that will empower you to excel in all spheres of your life.

Reach out on WellnessWrx, your very own online wellness center providing an extensive range of sage wellness services and offering accredited and insurance approved wellness providers.


Seth Feldman, PR Strategist, Inkslinger

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