4 Great Suggestions for Mindful Walking on Snow or Ice

4 Great Suggestions for Mindful Walking on Snow or Ice

Walking or driving on snow and ice can be dangerous and treacherous. On snow-filled days, ice can build up like a waiting menace under the beautiful white fluff and cause us to slip and fall.

If you’ve ever taken martial arts, you may have learned how to break-fall to save your back, head, and minimize damage and shock to your body. However, I’m going to assume that most readers are not martial artists. Neither was I, until recently. 

Personally, falling has always been a fear of mine. I came to it late, but I have a few years of experience in the dojo, and it has served me well. Last year, while taking out the garbage and holding my puppy on a leash, I slipped on some black ice and immediately went into break fall position on the driveway. Wow! “It worked!” I said out loud.

My Sensai had drilled us continuously on this one move, insisting that it was the most important thing he would ever teach us. He was correct. Knowing how to fall gracefully and strategically is a gift to ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The new me – the martial artist – is not afraid to fall.  However, I dislike the idea of falling intensely, and I’d like nothing more than to get through the winter without a fall under my belt. Pun intended if you’ve taken any form of martial arts.

Icy conditions can lead to injury, and when the temperature dips down, the hazard is there, in neighborhoods, on city streets, even on our own driveways. Slipping and falling accounts for a large number of winter-related injuries that impact the injured person with soreness, torn muscles, and broken bones. 

So for all the non-martial artists out there…

Here are 4  Suggestions for walking safely in snowy and icy conditions;

  • Wear proper footwear. Like snow tires on your car, get snow boots on your feet!
  • Wear sunglasses on bright sunny days!
  • Plan to leave early and walk consciously on icy sidewalks and in parking lots. Lookup and be aware of what’s ahead.
  • Stay OFF YOUR CELL PHONE WHEN WALKING ON THE ICE OR SNOW! Be ALERT to traffic, weather, nature. Enjoy the walk, without fear!


5 Commonly Used Wellness Treatments to Relieve and Heal Pain, Inflammation, Strains, or Torn Muscles From Injuries Due to Falls. 

Acupuncture is a therapy that heralds from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In this practice, an acupuncturist stimulates specific points on the body by inserting needles into skin or tissue.

A great option for Acupuncture at WellnessWrx: Huibling Henry Xiong

There are also different variations of acupuncture, including electro-acupuncture, where light electrical stimulation will flow through the needles. In some cases, no needles are used.  The practitioner will instead apply pressure using fingers and hands. This is simply called acupressure.

Research shows that acupuncture prevents cognitive decline, treats insomnia, improves recovery after chemotherapy, and relieves chronic pain, just to name a few.

Chiropractic Care specializes in detecting and reducing spinal misalignments that cause inflammation of the nerves and joints. Many people can benefit from chiropractic treatment; it can help treat conditions such as back pain, neck pain, frequent headaches, joint pain, osteoarthritis, and injuries due to trauma or accidents.

Some great options for Chiropractic Centres at WellnessWrx: Network Family Care Center   Thornhill Chiropractic and Wellness Center 

Homeopathy, in simple terms, is where substances that cause symptoms of disease in healthy people are used to treat symptoms of illness. A homeopath treats the whole person by retrieving emotional, mental, and physical symptoms during a session while recommending an effective, safe, and individualized remedy.

Options for Registered Homeopaths at WellnessWrx: Julie Henry,  Rose A. Weinberg

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone suffers from an injury, disability, or illness.  It can also relieve chronic pain.

All these therapies take a “whole person” approach to the patient’s wellbeing, health, and overall lifestyle. They can improve a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries, back pain, whiplash and associated disorders, rehabilitation after a heart attack, and neurological disorders such as a stroke.

A great option for Physiotherapy at WellnessWrx: PhysioPlus Bayview

Reiki Therapy Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese kanji for universal life energy. Reiki promotes relaxation, calmness, and balance. Reiki Energy Therapy is complementary to all other treatments and therapies and helps to re-align pain, discomfort, and trauma associated with physical, and mental illness.

Great options for Accredited Reiki Masters at WellnessWrx: Essence Body Therapy, Nasreen Torbally – Japan Reiki Studio,  Rose A. Weinberg

Check out all options for accredited physical and mental wellness services and providers at https://wellnesswrx.ca/

I don’t fear to fall any more, thanks to my martial arts training.  Instead, I practice in the dojo so I’m ready for the ice and payment. I stay alert, I enjoy the nature around me, and I talk to my dog.  This is the ultimate way to meditate, with eyes wide open, heart filled with love and peace, and a deep breath of enjoyment on a beautiful snowy day!

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