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Many humans, like bears, may choose to hibernate during the winter months. Most do this for the purpose of rest and respite for body, mind, and soul. This year, hibernation began well before the winter. In fact, our global world has experienced hibernation, and for many, isolation from the beginning of mid-March of this year, and not by choice.

For me, it felt like the actual winter started early this year, not because of the early snowstorm we experienced in November because we had to start bundling up in coats and hats to enjoy our outdoor social distance family visits.

It’s holiday time, a reflective time to take a break, hibernate with some food, fun, and drinks. I thought that in light of this holiday, in particular, pat yourself on the back for the resilience you experienced during this crazy year of new norms. Long days sitting at a computer, the virtual meetings, the cleaning, and more cleaning. Did I mention the ongoing obsessive sanitizing of everything in reach?

Take a break, celebrate You! Think of how you may have let go of old habits and made way for new ones.

Do you find that the weeks are filled with the bounce of going from hard work mentally to hard work physically? Does it ever feel like you can keep going until you can’t? It can be exhausting. And with winter here, sometimes this is where we experience the winter blues.

Enjoy the holidays, and after celebrating and inviting 2021 in with hope, peace, love, and light, give yourself time to work and play hard. Find the balance. It truly makes a difference.

However, if you find that you experience some blue like symptoms in the coming months, including full-blown seasonal affective disorder, a loss of energy, a craving for sun, lack of interest in daily life, sleep problems, and a dip in your immune system, trust me, there are so many options to support these feelings. We could try to regain resilience and strength by taking the time to read a light book, making daily walks outside part of our routines, extra vitamin D, and fish oil (among other supplements; ask a natural healthcare provider for details). Here are a few options to view on MeditationWrx and LearnWrx. In this BlogWrx I’m focusing on three homeopathic remedies that are a great option to choose from to ward of the winter blues.


 Nux-vomica 30c: is an excellent remedy for those who have dealt with the winter blahs by overindulging in most everything. They work hard, party hard kinda person, and can end up with a lot of digestive issues. This remedy is a great choice.

 Nat-muraticum 30c: A remedy for those sensitive to cold and emotions and can dwell on past hurts. They are worse from sunshine but also worse from the cold, so this poses a problem for them. Emotional sensitivities to difficulties in relationships can be brought up around holidays or family gatherings. This remedy can help improve the mood, digestion, and water balance in the body.

Dulcamara 30x: A great remedy for those who suffer from getting too hot in indoor heating and then get chilled from going outside and end up sick. Those who have difficulty with the huge ups and downs of temperature from one day to the next tend to get digestive problems or colds and headaches from the changes. Great remedy choice if you experience this.

There are many more homeopathic remedies that can help you and your family through the winter blues! Reach out to a Registered Homeopath for options! For more support with mental health, reach out to one of the many specialized providers on WellnessWrx.

Wishing you and your family all the best for the holidays. Enjoy, rest, play with oodles of fun!

Rose A. Weinberg, Founder, CEO, WellnessWrx, DHMHS, HOM, Registered Homeopath,  In collaboration with Haroula Battista, BSc Hon, DHMHS, HOM is the Dean and VP of Academics and Student Affairs at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.  

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