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Michelle Mammoliti, RP(Q), BA. (Hons), MA.

Therapy often begins as a discussion. It’s dedicated time to reflect and truly have your feelings heard, in a safe space. We will explore at a pace that is comfortable and organic, in order to develop a trusting relationship. My one wish for clients is to be open and honest, to the best of their ability. This is the foundation of developing a positive and impactful therapeutic relationship, as well as, progression in your journey. Even if you’re not sure if therapy is right for you... let’s have a discussion!

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Stacie Goldin

Stacie is dedicated to showing others how the key lies within themselves to establish deeper connections to themselves, others and the natural world around them through yogic philosophy incorporating mindfulness exercises, breath work and movement. Stacie has been practicing yoga and mindfulness since 1995 and holds certificates in Yin Yoga, 250 hour CYT/RYT, and Children's Yoga. 

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